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Birth Stories

"Although I hold medical insurance entitling me to obtain care from a number of different healthcare providers in the area, I came to a midwife for my prenatal care due to overwhelming recommendations. Going through my first pregnancy it was exceptionally important to me that I chose a care provider who would answer all my questions and let me be as excited, neurotic and emotional, as I needed to be. Originally from Europe, where using a midwife has been common practice for a long time, I was happy to be referred to a midwife so highly praised. I am a strong believer that midwives seek to eliminate or minimize unnecessary interventions. With the caesarean section rate at almost a third and labor and delivery evolving into a very medical procedure I was comforted to work with a nurse midwife, who, after putting my medical health first would work with me to have the most natural experience possible. During the birth of my daughter, the room felt full of emotion. I have to only presume my midwife created this atmosphere. I think the role of a midwife in any setting is crucial and irreplaceable in a hospital setting. I will not hesitate to have my next baby with a midwife!"
-Samantha A., Mother of one, Fort Riley, Kansas 

"My midwife was as solid as a rock during the birth of my first child. She and my nurse worked together flawlessly to take care of me, my husband and our son. The midwife encouraged many position changes which helped to alleviate the pain I was having in my back and side as my son worked his way down my birth canal. Along with my midwife’s extensive knowledge and experience, her bubbly personality and sweet spirit made her a wonderful person to help me through my labor and birth. She very quietly helped me through contractions, soothing me when I needed it most. Probably most importantly, she provided reassurance and praise. She told me that I was a strong woman and that I could birth my baby. She reminded me of how badly I wanted to meet my baby and that all the hard work would soon payoff in an amazing way. My midwife was with me nearly 24 hours during labor and she stayed after the birth to help my son nurse for the first time. I am grateful for her presence during my pregnancy and birth!"
~Christi H., Mother of three, Olathe, Kansas

"We had the pleasure of receiving care from three midwives in our area. Our first child was attended by a nurse midwife in 2004, second in 2005 and third in 2008. The care and attention myself and my family received was top notch. They went above and beyond to make us comfortable and feel like more than just another patient. We do plan to have more children and will always choose a midwife."
~Lisa N., Mother of three, Junction City, Kansas

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~Margaret Meade