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Announcing Talk with a Midwife: A New, Interactive Campaign to Educate Women in Kansas About Midwives

December 19, 2013 – To combat persistent misinformation that may keep women from seeking  midwifery care,  the Kansas Affiliate ACNM has launched Talk with a Midwife, a new community education program that shines a light on the women’s health services midwives provide for women and girls of all ages at critical times during their lives.


Through the program, local midwives in Kansas will work with community partners – including schools, churches, local nonprofits, and recreational centers – to host interactive information sessions where girls and women can learn about the comprehensive care midwives provide.


While many women may think that midwives only offer maternity care before and during pregnancy, Talk with a Midwife sessions seek to ensure that girls and women know midwives offer a broad range of health services to women beginning in their teen years all the way through menopause.


For example, many women may not know that midwives also administer general health check-ups, annual gynecologic exams, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, family planning services, and care to women during menopause.


Talk with a Midwife is being offered as part of ACNM’s Our Moment of Truth (OMOT) campaign, which recently launched to address the unmet health needs of women in the United States by educating them on the services offered by midwives. OMOT was developed in response to a survey of women, which showed that major health issues are being overlooked and that women may be walking out of medical appointments without the information they need. 

There is a teenage version of this program that we would love to present to younger women.


To learn more about Talk with a Midwife, including how to partner with us to plan, organize, or host an event, please contact Sharon Foster at: [email protected].